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 With COVID looming around us, it is becoming more and more important to ensure our home cleanliness is top-notch. We use hand sanitizers to clean our hands on the go but to what extend is it effective?

Using them can be convenient but even the ones with sufficient alcohol content, more than 60%, cannot remove all types of bacteria and viruses. This is coupled with the fact that the hands are not dirty or oily. Moreover, hand sanitizers are not effective if too little is applied or it is wiped off before it has dried completely.

That brings us to the point that areas in our homes that we frequently touch such as doorknobs, switches, remote controls, fridge handles, computer keyboards, etc may carry bacteria and viruses even though we may have sanitized our hands. It is common knowledge that using soap and water is the most effective method of removing germs and bacteria even on the dirtiest of hands. But, cleaning our hands and touching unclean surfaces will only bring you back to square 1 – dirty hands.

So, what is the issue then? It is the cleanliness of the surface itself! We need to find a product that is strong enough to clean nearly all germs and bacteria from the surface without leaving any residue on it. It would be a hassle to use soap and water to clean frequently touched areas – you’ll need to carry that heavy bucket of soap water to each and every area, which is clearly too much effort! Furthermore, the residue left behind would leave a soapy feel to that area clean due to the dried-up soap left on the surface.

Enough worries, use CIF Professional All-Purpose Spray which can be found here. Just bring a cloth and the spray, spray and wipe. It is that simple! A hassle-free plus a non-time-consuming method to help you get cleaning out of the way. Stop worrying about having dirty surfaces around your home, enjoy your time with your family with a peace of mind! Why wait? Use it and feel it!

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