Yale Silver Series Shackle Padlock (Y122/50/123/1)

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  • Tough new satin chrome plated finishes
  • Double locking shackle
  • Self-latching mechanism
  • The Silver Series offers general security padlocks for both indoor and outdoor conditions. Tough satin chrome-plated finishes and Boron shackles maximize corrosion and security resistance ratings. Smooth rounded forms also increase resistance to attack.
    These locks are, at the very minimum, rated between 4 and 6 on the Yale security rating scale.

    • Body material: Solid Brass/Satin Chrome
    • Shackle material: Boron Steel
    • No. of padlocks: 1
    • No. of keys: 3
    • Security grading: 5
    • Corrosion rating: Outdoor
    • Body width (mm): 50
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