Yale Dimple Keys (V1800.80)

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  • Hardened steel body.
  • Single locking
  • Anti-drill
  • Hardened steel shackle
  • Armoured shackle
  • High-security dimple keys
  • Comes with 5 keys
  • Able to withdraw key after unlocking
  • Built-in chain eyelet
  • This armoured padlock is exceptionally strong with a strength rating of 10 out of 10, thereby supporting all applications, be it for commercial or even industrial use. It can also be used in occasionally damp conditions. With a built-in anti-drill keyhole, you will no longer have to worry about thefts or any unauthorized use of your items.

    • Strength rating 10/10: high security for all applications including commercial and industrial
    • Corrosion rating 2/4: Suitable for occasionally damp condition
    • Re-keyable: New key configuration
    • Extra protection: Anti-drill keyhole
    • Armoured cage: Hardened steel casing
    • Shackle Width: 35mm
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