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Raffles Paint R.One (Yellow/Orange)

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Raffles Paint Slight Embrace
Raffles Paint Daisy Petal
Raffles Paint Heath Yellow
Raffles Paint Spinning Silk
Raffles Paint Potentilla
Raffles Paint Sassy Yellow
Raffles Paint Yellow Pendant
Raffles Paint Architectural Beige
Raffles Paint Sheer Chiffon
Raffles Paint Buttercup Bouquet
Raffles Paint Daffodil
Raffles Paint Musing
Raffles Paint Fruity Flavor
Raffles Paint Buffy Orange
Raffles Paint Vessel Chop
Raffles Paint Coachlight
Raffles Paint Autumn Blaze
Raffles Paint Orange Torch

Raffles Paint R.ONE is one of our most popular interior paints, and for a good reason: a top-quality paint, for a very competitive price

Paint with ease:

  • Built-in Primer/Sealant
  • Covers hairline cracks
  • Superb hiding power & coverage
  • Low splattering, excellent adhesion & soft sheen finish

Healthier and longer-lasting:

    • Eco-friendly / Non-Toxic
    • Anti-Smell + Ultra Low VOCs
    • Superb Fungus/Mould resistance
    • Superb washability & Wear resistance
    • Excellent Water Resistance
    • Superb alkaline & efflorescence resistance
    • Excellent colour retention and fade resistance
    • No lead, mercury, ammonia and heavy metals
    • No Formaldehyde, Alkyl Phenol Ethoxylate (APEO)
    • Raffles Paint R.ONE is Singapore's First 2-in-1 paint and primer with advance washability technology. To ensure a beautiful, smooth and vibrant colour for years to come, use R.ONE.

      Its overall performance is best in its class from superb washability and coverage, excellent adhesion, good alkaline and efflorescence resistance durability and nearly no paint odour.

      R.ONE offers maximum resistance to water streaking, covers hairline cracks and has remarkable hiding power to deliver truer and vibrant colours in fewer coats. Keeping colours on your walls always looking fresh and vibrant.

      Does not contain Formaldehyde & Phenol Ethoxylate, lead, mercury, ammonia and heavy metals. A safe option for all your painting applications.

      Another Ultra Premium Eco-friendly product by Raffles Paint


      • Brush, Roller or Spray.
      • Touch dry in 1-2 hours. Re-coat after 6-12 hours
      • Available sizes: 1L, 5L, 20L
      • Approximate coverage: 10-12 square meter per litre paint
      • Note: Coverage will depend on the substrate and application method
      • Recommended to apply 2 Coats of R.ONE

      • Slight Embrace RP 58-2
      • Daisy Petal RP 105-1
      • Heath Yellow RP 58-1
      • Spinning Silk RP 104-2
      • Potentilla RP 58-3
      • Sassy Yellow RP 105-4
      • Yellow Pendant RP 58-5
      • Architectural Beige RP 30-1
      • Sheer Chiffon RP 150-1
      • Buttercup Bouquet RP 104-4
      • Daffodil RP 101-5
      • Musing RP 98-1
      • Fruity Flavor RP 98-2
      • Buffy Orange RP 98-3
      • Vessel Chop RP 37-2
      • Coachlight RP 150-5
      • Autumn Blaze RP 98-4
      • Orange Torch RP 153-6
    • Download the Raffles Paint Colour Guide here for free

      Download the Raffles Paint Colour Guide here.

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