HG Grout Colour White 250Ml

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  • For (re)colouring grout between glazed wall tiles
  • Simple to apply
  • For approximately 10 - 15m2
  • Including sponge, paintbrush and instructions
  • Make grout white again with white grout paint? HG grout colour white is a unique product for colouring or recolouring the grout between glazed wall tiles. Grout will be whiter than white with this special white grout paint.

    Grout whitener that is easy to apply
    HG grout colour white is an easy to apply tile grout whitener and sufficient for approximately 10 to 15 m2. This special grout whitener includes a sponge, paintbrush and instructions. Of course, the grout must be thoroughly cleaned before using this white grout paint. We recommend using our HG grout cleaners. HG professional limescale remover is suitable for removing any limescale. Very glossy grout must first be made a bit rough. Do not use on: water-resistant grout and non-porous epoxy grout. NOTE: can be scrubbed after 3 weeks. Perfect as, for example, a grout whitener in the bathroom

  • How do you use HG grout colour white?

    Follow the steps below for correct use of HG grout colour white.

    • To make sure the grout is completely clean, use our HG grout cleaner.
    • Remove any possible limescale from the tiles with HG professional limescale remover.
    • Rinse the grout and tile wall thoroughly and let the wall dry.
    • Apply HG grout colour liberally with the paintbrush included.
    • Leave the grout whitener to dry for minimum 1 hour and maximum 2 hours.
    • Dampen the tiles with water and leave to work for 5 minutes.
      Then clean the wall with the sponge included.
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