Gardena G-8022 Wall Mounted Hose Box 15 Roll Up Auto

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Compact and ready for immediate use: The 15 roll-up automatic - for smaller gardens and patios

The GARDENA Comfort Wall-Mounted Hose Box 15 roll-up automatic makes watering especially easy and convenient. The Hose Box does the cranking for you. The hose can be conveniently withdrawn with little effort and stopped at short intervals of maximum 50 cm. The quality hose ensures a high water flow and optimal sprinkler operation. An integrated steel spring that is perfectly suited for the hose length provides even, powerful retraction. The integrated hose guide prevents twisting and tangling of the hose. Thanks to the supplied wall bracket along with screws and wall plugs, mounting couldn't be simpler.


  • Set : High quality hose, 1.5m connection hose with hose          &n