Claber 90121 End-Strip Pop-Up 4"

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  • Uniform and balanced water distribution
  • Stainless steel jet range adjustment screw
  • Height from ground 4"� (10 cm)
  • Comes in pack of 30 pcs.
  • shock-proof and weather resistant
  • adjustable jet range
  • washable filter
  • simple installation and perfectly watertight
  • A professional quality pop-up sprinkler for underground irrigation systems in home gardens. The nozzle has a special design that guarantees the utmost uniformity in irrigation over an end-strip rectangular area with minimum water consumption. Equipped with a jet range adjustment screw with a hexagonal insert, return spring in resistant, waterproof stainless steel, high filtering power filter, self-lubricating gear and no-runoff rubber valve with antifreeze device.

    • Inlet thread: ½"
    • Water flow: adjustable
    • Maximum covered area: 11,2 m²
    • Maximum jet width (diameter): 9,3x1,2
    • Water flow: 5,4 l/min
    • Working angle: end-strip
    • Height from ground: 4"
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